• Code PUI20299
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Neeru Bansal,Saswat Bandyopadhyay
  • TA Smeet Maniar


High rate of expansion and increase built up area coupled with decrease in green spaces is becoming disastrous for Ahmedabad. This points out high need of developing blue and green infrastructure in the city. Gujarat is one of the few states where town planning scheme is one of the crucial spatial planning tool which allows appropriation of land for public purposes. This mechanism would be useful in increasing the number of green spaces and making the area resilient to flooding.This portfolio showcases the conceptualization, development, cost estimation, financing and institutional framework of green TP scheme for a drafted TP scheme by AUDA in Shela.   It includes green TP scheme toolkit provides various tools/ options/ innovative ideas based on grey green infrastructure approach that can be used to increase the green spaces and the infiltration capacity of TP Scheme. It leads to delay, storage and release of storm water using green spaces as the tool. Financing of this green TP scheme would also be done through the normative TP scheme financing mechanism. A comparative cost estimation of both the TP schemes is also provided to understand the additional amount required to be put into developing this green TP scheme.