• Student MOHIT JAIN
  • Code PG190574
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Devang Patel,Krunal Mehta
  • TA Jaldeep Kabariya


The Bridge is a Flyover located in Ahmedabad. The Superstructure type is R.C.C. 3 Span continuous bridge with rectangular Pier and Open Foundation. The total length of the bridge is 75m with each span of 25m.  The Bridge is designed for the various stages of construction and various types of loading- Wind load, Earthquake load in addition to gravity loads (Dead load, Vehicular load). The bearing used is a Pot-PTFE bearing. The design of the bridge is as per IRC. Diaphragm and Pier Cap are designed for Service and Jacking conditions. There is uplift allowed in footing as per IRC.