• Student Arundhati Hakhu
  • Code UG180079
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Mansi Shah
  • TA Priyanka Awatramani


Synergetic grounds transforms the fenced and lawned Central Vista into an accessible, productive space for people of Gandhinagar. The Vista is reimagined as the new social hub which seeks to engage people in different productive activities, helping them connect better to the everyday processes of food production, waste management, etc. The project also tries to make the aforementioned systems visible to the public through a series of socially engaging programs. The primary ideas involve breaking the linearity of the existing Vista through multiple access points, by creating five key zones within the vista - the ecological zones, production zones, DIY zones, social zones, and utility oriented zones. All the zones here are further broken down into blocks, each following a unique productive program, related to the zone. These blocks are connected through a continuous, shaded walkpath, punctured by points of pause in the form of social architectures that act as landmarks.