• Code PUH20281
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Madhu Bharti,Rutool Sharma
  • TA Nandana L S


“The City of Ahmedabad has faced severe stress due to the restructuring process in the textile industry, sealing of mill premises by official liquidators, older Industrial location policy, etc has to lead to a serious dereliction of urban property, particularly in the eastern parts of the city causing stress on the urban environment. Vacancy, idleness, un-utilization and unproductive has also caused possible revenue losses to the city and blockage of potential land for development”  The Aim of the studio is to analyze and propose optimal project development with planning and technical options on a Mill Land considering underlying site context, applicable legal norms, existing macro and micro real estate market scenario and stakeholders requirements and doing financial viability for the proposed project with proper business models and policy reforms so that these mill lands can be developed for better use of Urban Land.