• Code PUI20241
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Mona Iyer,Meera Mehta,Siddh Doshi


Rapid urbanisation has led to an alarming surge in waste generation at micro and macro levels. This needs significant attention since a large portion of waste can be directly reduced from reaching the landfill if recyclable waste is separately and efficiently managed. Despite the popular concept of 5R (Reduce Reuse Recycle Refuse Re-purpose), its implementation and day-to-day practices are negligible in Ahmadabad.On the other hand, the ubiquity of informal workers and waste collectors is not hidden. Rag pickers, scarp dealers, other informal waste collectors remain unrecognized compromising security and dignity. Therefore, this project takes this opportunity to leverage informal waste value chain to develop decentralized system  at ward level to galvanize circular economy by proposing a roadmap to manage recyclable waste in Ahmedabad.