• Code UG180200
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Vishwanath Kashikar
  • TA Ajay Chovatia


What is the situation of the world today?? What was it 100 or 200years back? People. Face discrimination on the basis of color race gender and. Many more points to consider. Living in this industrialized world, an individual has lost a sense of identity and its uniqueness ranging from what they wear to what they choose to be. Although half of the world's population lives under democratic rule, the key power and authority remain with an extremely centralized group of people. These were some of the problems that society is facing right now to start with and this society in 2025 aspires to be free from them, they need equality, individualistic identity, the authority should be much more grounded and distributed, With the ongoing digital revolution it needs digitalization where it would help people to achieve these goals. What if this society is based on artistic values and respects creativity? As architects, we are taught and aspire to be problem solvers, and hence what an architect can do in this situation where the architecture should respond to these prevailing problems. The answer was Decentralization.