• Student SURAJ V S
  • Code PUM21362
  • Faculty Management
  • Tutor/s Mercy Samuel,Tithi Kansagra,Himani James,Venugopal Agrawal


“Milk city” Anand with a population of 1,98,282 people and a geographical area of 42.30 square kilometres divided into 5 zones and 13 wards. Due to inadequate operational planning, capacity building, and weak Standard Operating Procedures for the private organisations engaged, solid waste management faces considerable issues in the city. The study's focus is limited to Ward 10, where we intend to improve the solid waste management system which can be replicated to the other wards and holistically create Anand’s solid waste as a resource through an integrated system of decentralization, innovative technology, and increasing accountability, thereby creating a circular economy.