• Code PUM21275
  • Faculty Management
  • Tutor/s Mercy Samuel,Tithi Kansagra,Himani James,Venugopal Agrawal


Anand, the ‘Milk Capital’ of the country, is a tier 3 city in the state of Gujarat, India. It is a class A municipality with a population of as according to the census of 2011. As a part of the 18 functions listed in the 74th Amendment Act of India, one of the 18 functions of the Urban Local Body is also to alleviate poverty. DAY-NULM aims at implementing a holistic national policy in each Indian state and their cities with context to the needs and aspirations of the respective stakeholders. The methodology followed throughout the study involved analyzing the on-ground data, conducting secondary surveys, assessing the needs and aspirations of the various stakeholders, and comparing them with the guidelines laid out for each component in the mission document. The final outcome is the strategic proposals detailed in harmony with the aim of the mission for the city of Anand.