• Code UG180055
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L3 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Arijit Chatterjee,Shilpa Mevada
  • TA Keerthan B v


A ‘sea-mark’ that complements the numerous landmarks omnipresent in Mumbai is envisioned.The intervention is placed alongside the gateway of India creating a spectacle for the city. Parametric form deconstructs the mighty waves of the Arabian sea. The facade is perceived differently at all times as the metallic cladding is sensitive to the changing patterns of the sun. Pontoons, spud barges, crane and kitchen barge facilitate the construction of Louise Catherine. The double skin exterior made of aluminium acts as a holder of various services, freeing up the interiors. This skin also provides thermal insulation to the interiors. The floor plates and circulation complements the form of the roof. The dynamic roof and the hanging floor plates create multiple programmatic possibilities. A tubular mesh is created to support the metal plates which are further triangulated to resist the torsional forces. The circulation is articulated to create an occasional pause with the sea. A ramp takes one from the hanging floor plate towards the roof. The expanse on the roof where one is engaged with the undulating roof, horizon and the city. This is contrasted with the narrow volume of the shed.