• Student Anusha Bishnoi
  • Code UI0617
  • Faculty Design
  • Unit L3 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Ruchi Mehta
  • TA Urvashi Gurubaxani


The Davidoff brand is well established as a luxury brand that deals in premium quality products. Founded by Zino Davidoff, the company started with selling premium cigars and branched out to leather accessories, watches, perfumes, etc. The products resonate with Zino’s travels and lifestyle. For him travel wasn’t about reaching a destination. It was about discovery, about finding the unexpected and about a quest for beauty. Davidoff Café is far more than just serving a coffee. Its aroma & flavor celebrate the moment as a sensual experience. Zino believed that the Italians have brought about the modern coffee culture with a clear concept of the whole thing. Hence, The store doesn’t just sell a product, but an entire experience of luxury and premium lifestyle that comes with the product.