• Code PUI21185
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Neeru Bansal,Saswat Bandyopadhyay


The City Infrastructure Plan Studio's purpose is to provide a detailed understanding of how a city's infrastructure plan is planned and implemented. The goal of this studio is to design an infrastructure plan for the city of Indore aligned with sustainable development goals (SDGs). Cities, as we all know, have a rich heritage culture which due to negligence and lack of awareness of the public gets deteriorated. The value of heritage in a city should be recognized, conserved and promoted. Through this City Infrastructure Plan we have identified Heritage sites, analysed the existing situations and gaps in management of supportive infrastructures. To revitalize and promote Heritage integrated tourism we have proposed individual pilot projects. Through this pilot project I have proposed City after 9 to inculcate a culture where people step out at night for recreation, entertainment and leisure.