• Code PID21030
  • Faculty Design
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Rishav Jain
  • TA Teja siva srinivas Payapalle


The future is fast-paced and undulating. For craft to survive it has to adapt to the changes and become something new entirely which amalgamates the traditional with the demands of the future. If craft is an ever-evolving phenomenon in the dynamic context, it becomes a core subject around which all parameters evolve. Integrating the process and system thinking in terms of craft makes it a more viable option for its usage in the foreseeable future. Evolution in craft creates a scope to experiment and manipulate the materials with aid of technology in multiple ways with the help of integrating systems. New age of craft makes a new definition of craft person, breaking the notion of the static idea of craft and its applications in varied fields. This calls for a space where the new parameters of the modern-day craft can be explored and experimented with and craftspersons harness their abilities to become material scientists. Therein lies the proposition of the Craft Build Lab, a space for thinking, making, and doing, specifically designed to bring about the generative possibilities of craft. The craftsperson will no longer conform to their traditional definition but would rather be hands-on experimental makers, amalgamating their vernacular with modern technology to give way to the new, generative form of craft.