• Student SWETHA S
  • Code PID21369
  • Faculty Design
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Rishav Jain
  • TA Teja siva srinivas Payapalle


The way one sees craft determines its future . Is craft just the end product or the process ? The process is what informs the product, its properties, its true meaning, the people involved and its effort but currently the process behind the craft is lost with it is its functional knowledge and scope to development. Scalability as a tool helps one to understand the process behind the making and can help in the future development of craft techniques from micro scale to macro scale. The project aims to showcase the scope of Indian bamboo craft in the international platform. Through the bamboo pavilion in the Venice biennale one tries to experiment with the scalable property of the bamboo craft and celebrate the process behind it . It explores different craft techniques with bamboo which can be scaled in making different elements of space making .  Name of the project : unveiling bamboo Year : 2024 Site : alle tesa theatre venice  Function : Pavilion in venice biennale celebrating indian bamboo crafts