• Student Patel Kush Mukeshbhai
  • Code UCT20086
  • Faculty Technology
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s JAPAN SHAH,Anand Viswanathan
  • TA Umang Lapsiwala,Priyanka Baghel


An ‘Aashray’ is a designed which is suite to the labour who come across from their home. A labour house are built at construction site within a given area to provide a free space. they required their house until the construction site is completed. So a temporary house can be make for them. This temporary houses are made with the G I Corrugated Sheet which is costly so I designed an ‘Aashray’ which is made with the Square hollow aluminium is used which is light in weight and also cheaper than G I Corrugated sheet. There is also an amazing factor of Aashray is that it can be deployed and also it can be undeployed when there is used. Due to the deployability it gives this product a salient features like easy to install, easy to transport, easy to maintain and low cost.