• Student Mitta Kasturi
  • Code UG190687
  • Faculty Design
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Dexter Pereira
  • TA Krishna Ramanuj


The program within this site is a Microbrewery with a Fish and Chips place and a Bakery. Although alcohol plays an important role in hospitality spaces in Goa, microbrewery as a typology is yet to be explored. Situated in the hub of tourist resorts and lodging spaces, the location of the site is very suitable for a microbrewery. In order to cater to young children and older people, and to see a footfall in the morning hours, a bakery is introduced. 

 The main concept guiding the whole design of the space is that of ‘exposed’ or ‘to reveal’ taking forward the exposed nature of the brew equipment and the see-through nature of the rafters and braces in the existing building, which reveals the actual large volume already present. Continuing the same see-through language of the roofing truss system, a pergola is introduced in the exterior spaces, thus establishing a continuity between the indoor and the outdoor spaces. The exterior spaces are seen as an extension of the indoor seating spaces taking advantage of the pleasant climate of Goa to introduce a different user experience.