• Student Fiza Elat
  • Code UG190456
  • Faculty Design
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Dexter Pereira
  • TA Krishna Ramanuj


Just 5 mins away from the Candolim beach, Goa is DE’ VAULTS, a fine dine cum café space that welcomes young and old, tourists, business professionals and local families to experience a grand and overwhelming dining experience with delicious Goan-Portuguese cuisine. Respecting the authenticity of the old Goan Portuguese architecture of the existing building, elements like the balcao and the decorative pillars are imitated so as to enhance the character of the building. In order to enrich the fine dining experience, the interiors are developed with indirect lighting and creating interesting shadow patterns to constantly engage people with the space without distracting them from the experience. The high volumes in the spaces have been exploited with the introduction of vaulted ceilings which are defined individually to each space, relating to the vaulted roof system of the Goan churches. A gradual shift from the existing roof structure to a semi vaulted mezzanine floor and then to creating a fully vaulted room creates an experience to the patron inviting a revisit to the space.