• Student Patel Bansari Shailesh
  • Code UI0917
  • Faculty Design
  • Unit L3 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Ratna Shah,Errol Reubens
  • TA Rhea Chirayath


We worked together: Teamwork That’s how spaces these days work.Many of us at times wonderTo achieve a balance between fitness & work pressure.
Recreation Center - a space in recognition Needed for Movement and Connection. An opportunity to impose objects in association Adding meaning to moving lines and a vibrant ambiance. 
Point, line, and surfaces in composition Considered as three standards of the association. A unique filter of one’s own mind People reflect and play to unwind. A physical realm for people To shape up their build and psyche. Stacking volumes at different heights Around a focal flight of stairs & slides. 
Flipping for the thrill around a suspension silk Attempting inversions to experience the feel. Gymnastic tricks to raise aerial pose Raising the game of physiological & psychological response. 
Cocooned in a hammock to de-stress Impacting knee and reducing stress. Strength building & anticipating thoughtfulness. Walking away feeling Zen & relaxed. 
Carefully curating the drama and intrigue Around a path of circulation and space. Sense of open and enclosed spaces Generating a profoundly remedial escapade.