• Student Dhriti Rajeev Menon
  • Code UAR20040
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Anand Sonecha
  • TA Kairav Trivedi


The library built around the pre-existing tuition block aims to create a playful and inspiring space for the children of the loving community and those of neighbouring communities to feel welcome. Built such that it attracts the children and encourages the children to come and work in the workspaces provided in the library. To further encourage people from neighbouring communities to access this space the wall that acts as a barrier will be re-worked such that it encourages movement and interaction across it, with interconvertible elements and furniture that will attract people from both sides of the wall to explore and interact. The central courtyard can also be used as a safe play space by the children. Shaded by pre-exisitng trees on site, the courtyards will serve several purposes and can be used by everyone to perform various activities. The design thus through the use of creative elements aims to break the stigma around the community and encourage more and more people to interact with the children and adults living in the community