• Student Dharachar Ishitaa Girish
  • Code UAR20187
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Anand Sonecha
  • TA Kairav Trivedi


The terraces of existing houses within the community are not being used to their full potential and some of them have access to the terrace from outside the house. Having the library on an elevated platform such as a terrace creates a disconnect between the hustle and bustle of the community and the library which helps in creating a more peaceful environment for children to read and work efficiently.   The existing houses of the community are subject to change, i.e. it is likely that at some point the house may be rebuilt or changed. Since the library is being constructed on terraces of such houses, the nature of the library is temporary. This temporary nature has been achieved by having flexible furniture modules that create playful spaces, retractable structures that provide shelter and a lush green environment created by planters. These elements in different combinations create different experiences and they can be removed and placed elsewhere in the community to create a whole new “temporary oasis”.