• Student Sanjana Parthivbhai Mehta
  • Code UG191247
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Anand Sonecha
  • TA Kairav Trivedi


Located right at the heart of the Loving Community, the design of the library aims at creating an inclusive place, which is secluded and cut off from the chaos yet creates a world of its own inside. Along with the requirement of a library, a set of existing conditions like the importance of the barren land that the site has and a lack of proper space for women to work urged me towards a submerged structure which wouldn’t take away from the existing voids, and reconstructing the storage space to function as a pavilion for the women to work. In order to create a strong connection between the Library and the Anganwadi, it becomes the starting point of the journey to the library. The journey to the central courtyard is exciting and playful that is regulated by a variety of spaces opening up at various levels and different qualities of light that are brought in from above. The central courtyard forms the heart of the library around which the functions have been arranged. The play of levels, strategic openings and balconies increase the interaction between spaces creating a dialogue which enhances the essence of the library whereas architectural elements like the courtyards and the skylights on the ground level give hints of spaces below.