• Student Sandra Palathingal
  • Code UA6217
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Meghal Arya


The research aims at contextualizing city-scale infrastructural projects to the small-scale neighborhoods by aiding the infrastructure planning process to make it more accommodative of smaller systems, communities, and economies. The objectives are: - To analyze the effect on smaller neighborhoods - To decode existing patterns - To review existing policies - To create an informed framework. With the large-scale urbanisation, there is a rapid surge in number of vehicles and this increases the stress on existing transit systems and there comes the need for the metro rail. Funded by the central governments in partnership with the states and other external agencies, the metro rail is seeing substantial growth in Indian cities, in the recent years. Every infrastructure project comes with equal amounts of excitement as well as criticism and doubt from the public. These reactions are mixed with both fear, anxiety and aspirations. What one should not lose sight of however, is the suppressed voices. There is always a question of who the infrastructure is benefiting and who is it side-lining.