• Student SMRITI M
  • Code PUM20347
  • Faculty Management
  • Tutor/s Gayatri Doctor


Cities are engines of growth, playing an important role in the social and economic development of the country. Urbanisation and other related factors influences the development of cities to a great extent. This growth is complemented with various issues and challenges that the cities need to address on a regular basis. Governance of cities plays an important role in shaping the physical and social characters, level of service delivery and the quality of living. For effective governance of the city, it is important to elevate the roles of the city’s leaders. The elected representatives of the cities need to be empowered and accountable to the citizens. Councillors represent the local community and play a crucial role in decision making that affects the quality of people’s lives. Hence, it is important for the councillors to be easily accessible to the citizens. At present, there is lack of availability of the profiles of councillors and a platform to host the details of cities and the laws that are governing them. The project aims to fill in the information gap that is currently present by creating a portal to host the details of councillors, profiles of states and cities and city wide bye-laws