• Code UD3817
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Rajiv Kadam
  • TA Aryan Iyer,Vaishnavi Akilla


The aim of the paper is to comprehend the challenges faced by the developers while proposing a green commercial building in the context of Ahmedabad. The larger goal is to encourage green building in Ahmedabad and in doing so investigate various policies and incentives offered by various governments across the country and internationally. However, to promote green building, there is a pressing need to understand the challenges faced in proposing green building, taking Ahmedabad as the context. The research examines the above by: 1. Investigates the cost increase in commercial buildings that are certified 'Green' by several grading systems such as LEED India, GRIHA, IGBC, and others; 2. conducts a survey of students from different institutions to determine the level of skill in green building; and 3. interviews developers to acknowledge why green building is not often preferred. Based on the above findings, the paper concludes with recommendations in policy that will further aid in promotion of green development in Ahmedabad.