• Student Ruchi Bhardwaj
  • Code UG191132
  • Faculty Design
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Jinal Shah
  • TA Pooja Panchal


Venation is a system of growth pattern that can be seen in the nature. It is the phenomenon of arrangement of veins in the lamina of the leaf surface. The veins branches out from the thick central midrib which further divide into thin branches which further subdivides into more veins.The network of veins creates in between spaces which has been explored in this project. The overall framework of veins generates a structure for the surface of leaf which is the main concept of this project. The idea was not to see venation as a mere pattern and treat it like ornamentation but to use it as a base to develop the structure. A Frond is a multipupose experential structure situated on the wide patch of the promenade at the Riverfront Park, Shahibaug. The overall form has been made to look organic and the feeling of growth (the veins are going to grow all over the promenade) is shown in the structure. This modular structure is designed such that it can be used on the inside as well as the outside and creates a nice play of light and shadow.