• Student Anoushka Mukherjee
  • Code UG190120
  • Faculty Planning
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Imran Mansuri
  • TA Zeel Patel


The project is situated in Vasantnagar, Gota, and aims at redefining the already existing Mahatma Gandhi Vasahat. The rural housing resides diverse demography with the community engaging in various live-work activities. 
 Co-Live Migrant Housing is a mass housing design aiming to create community spaces for the residents of  Gota. The idea is to provide different scales of open and semi-open spaces on all floors. On the ground floor, the lanes lead to courtyards which have the presence of public institutions like Anganwadi, temples, and training centers to invite people and create a cooperative living society. While the upper floors have the presence of extensions like balconies. A street in the air is formed on the second floor allowing spillover of activities.  Thus, the housing is imagined to allow shared spaces for the lower-income groups and allow communal living.