• Student VIRTI SHAH
  • Code PFD20398
  • Faculty Design
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Kaulav Bhagat
  • TA Pratiti Pandit


Addition By Attachment can be a Highly Versatile system, because of its adaptability to broad range of products & applications. As a modular system it can be configured to meet individual hierarchy based requirements. Addition by Attachment system offers custom solution for widest variety of office settings & Office types. When the need of government or government employee change, the configuration can be adapted to new requirement simply by adding the necessary modular elements. By Understanding the typology, requirements & work environment of government office, the hierarchy of employees is one of the major aspects. By considering further more aspects like de-cluttering, organizing, more productive workspace environment can be generated. Considering such aspects, the concept of Addition by Attachment was introduced. Addition by Attachment is a Component System – The system that is versatile, comprehensive, and Adaptive to different environment & requirement in government office. The system comprises the combination of the major components (Structure, Desktops &Attachments). In the system, different combinations & Layouts are made up from a series of independent components & elements which can be added to gather in a variety of ways to form a different permutation & combination. The system concept revolves around Integration of attachments with the dominant component, the Versatility of product Range, Inherent Flexibility, Easy Replaceability of the components & Elements, Functional & Equipment Based Consideration, Adaptability to Different Hierarchical positions, Human Consideration, Ease of Assembly.