• Code PUP21318
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Utkarsh Patel,Jignesh Mehta,Harsh Bhasin,Arjun Joshi,Arun Kumar


The vision is to make Rajkot an inclusive, diverse industrial city by encouraging complementary land use and supporting it with well-connected urban infrastructure. The DP is concerned with boosting the economy. Rajkot's primary, secondary, and tertiary eocnomic sectors have been evaluated through potential compatibility of different land uses.A statutory Development Plan is the most important and powerful tool for planning urban areas and supporting expansion (DP). However, such plans frequently fail to integrate diverse sectors and instead become exercises in zoning, mapping, and creating control regulations. The purpose is to comprehend and build a development plan for Rajkot using a variety of methods, including the predict and provide technique.