• Code PUP21101
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Utkarsh Patel,Jignesh Mehta,Harsh Bhasin,Arjun Joshi,Arun Kumar


From the Existing Situation Analysis of Rajkot city, we found that there was a need to decentralize it. As Rajkot is an Administrative head of the Saurashtra Region, it has multiple types of economic growth potential in every direction. The focus of this Development Plan Proposal for 20 years will be to promote a spatial and economic balance in order to cater to the future growth of Rajkot. Our vision was to provide a Liberal Approach of planning the future growth of city within and beyond its administrative boundaries. This includes plans for major road network, infrastructure and key amenities through proposals. We have incorporated preservation of environmentally sensitive areas as well as facilitating growth nodes in proximity of major transects which also cater to the special projects. In order to achieve a desirable urban character for different parts of the city, zoning and regulations were strategized . We ended up our proposal with cost estimation, phasing of our key projects.