• Student Baid Shristy Vikash Kumar
  • Code UI6817
  • Faculty Design
  • Unit L3 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Kireet Patel
  • TA Nidhi Ratani


My meaning of luxury is a desire which helps you escape from reality to fantasy. It seduces you to own the luxury, not as a showoff. Taking the idea of luxury and status forward I came across the term contemporary luxury. Contemporary luxury focuses on the perceived to embody the increasing disparity of wealth between a restricted global elite and the majority of “us” - the rich vs the rest. Luxury acts as enjoyment and asset. It’s our way of having something better.  Something beyond everyone. It’s called meta-luxury. But one to be out of the market and extravagant. It is a way of thinking, living and aspiring to the points of luxury. They don’t have to pretend or act to be someone they are not. Experiencing the high levels of craftsmanship and skill and the cost only caters to them. Examples - Haute Couture, Designed yachts etc. It is beyond the grasp of everyone. For experiencing it tangibly I created a set of elements called meta-elements. The perception was further taken ahead by taking the site the LLDC, Kutch.