• Code UAR20231
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Puneet Mehrotra,Juzar Lanewala
  • TA Kanada Vaidehi


The project focuses on the less living life of a place near dholka, ahmedabad by making a water pavilion. The idea of making a water pavilion appeared after observing problems in the monsoon as there is heavy rainfall and in summer it is very dry. During monsoon, the amount of water from site is so large that it green space  and in summer it is so dry that the site is hot and dusty. The design of the pavilion mainly focuses on transforming the site and making it more simple and clear. Firstly making mounts and proper form to flow water easily and provide coolness around the area. Also making the pavilion near the water tank and mounts so that people can visit the site. The structure of the pavilion is simple arches column structure which is made from a rcc. In which sitting area and cooler are provided. It is an open space pavilion.