• Student Tejas Manoj Thariyan
  • Code UAR20148
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Sachin Soni
  • TA Rajshri Jain


The idea behind this project is an abstraction of a platform. A platform that extends into the horizon, where the sea and the sky meet. A platform where the passing boats running across the choppy seas can be seen. A platform that bears witness to the century old fortress nearby and the history that lies within. As one approaches the building, only 1.5 meters of it is projected out. This creates an impression that the building is simply a plane that is projected into the infinite plane beyond. From the main entrance one starts their descent into the building, an abstraction of how as one travels deeper into the marine ecosystem, more and more of the sea life is revealed. To terminate the sequence one reaches the bottom most level and is greeted with the horizon that is framed beautifully in contrast to the plain white walls of the interior. Here at last the sea and the sky reunite.