• Student Nataraja Avaneesh
  • Code UG190239
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Sachin Soni
  • TA Rajshri Jain


The challenge was to study the work and attitudes of the architect, Kengo Kuma. After the in-depth analysis, the learnings had to be manifested in the project which was a marine ecology substation, located in Diu, Gujarat. The final design reflects the attitudes of the architect in the architectural language.
The Project can be manifested as a journey through multiple sunken spaces. The form was intended to serve as an "anti-object" which does not affect the existing site, view corridors or its relationships. The journey through the aquarium/exhibition is curated with a focused relationship with the sky and no distraction of views. The space reveals itself to the magnificent views through a diagonal passage, that signifies a 'change' according to the Japanese 'Noh' philosophy. By creating an 'anti-object' the project serves as a medium to enjoy the landscape rather than obstructing or dominating it.