• Student Panchal Parth Mukeshbhai
  • Code UG191013
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Sachin Soni
  • TA Rajshri Jain


The relay begins with the radical decoding of the principles, philosophies, attitudes, and overall architectural language of a Lacaton & Vassal and their careful fragile approach towards architecture. 

Diving into the detailed understanding of the principle attitudes of architects by testing them in various ways and in the final stage, the key attitudes are manifested in terms of designing - A Marine Ecology Station in completely opposite context. 

 The intent of the proposal is to hybridize the diametrically opposite functions - a research station and fabric of public landscape to express their beautiful conjuncture through the means of the architecture of minimum efforts. In reference to the articulation, the principle is to -evolve the space that enhances the overall experience of movement in and around the site which is currently being downplayed because of topography.  

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