• Code PLA21360
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Nikhil Dhar,Priyanka Kanhare
  • TA Tvara Sharma


Complementary opposite spaces - The journey started with noting down the experience or the first impressions on the site, like chirping birds, barking dogs, sounds of squirrels, sounds of dry leaves moving in the wind, shades and dappled sunlight under the tree canopies, feeling of cold under trees and many more. The site is rich in big old trees which serve all these experiences. The key idea is to enhance these experiential qualities. By identifying dense and sparse vegetation, which are two opposite spaces and further segregating the spaces, it helped to arrive at the theory of 'Yin and yang'. Carving out the identified spaces and integrating them with two other complimentary characteristics of 'blue and green' and further linked with the form and color of blue-green and all of them united by movement. Adding to the canopy to maintain the microclimate of the surroundings by restricting noise from the adjacent traffic and also to enhance the scale of vegetation from the designed sunken pathway. The added plants are also a part of the context to bring unity to the campus as a whole and create intermediate interesting spaces with different experiential qualities.