• Student LAVANYA K
  • Code PLA20185
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Nikhil Dhar,Priyanka Kanhare
  • TA Tvara Sharma


The site is located within the CEPT campus. The selected site faces the north lawns, adjoining the main road, and is surrounded by a dense canopy. With the help of historical and phenomenological landscape theory approaches, the design is derived. Our objective is to restore the wilderness which vanished nowadays with the help of ground cover shrubs and vegetation. Through the design, the transition from manicured landscape to wilderness is evident. The designed area always creates an image of extended memory of the north lawn. So an imaginary river lane originates from the north lawn with a low mist and light effect. Moving towards the wilderness, the river lane gets more mysterious with different spatial experiences. Walking through the line will give the manicured landscape a wilderness experience. By combining its hardscape and nature, landscape plays an important function in establishing a niche in our memories of a place. The project seeks to improve the quality of daily commuter and give an opportunity to explore the enlarged north lawn areas by enriching the everyday places on campus via landscape interventions.