• Code PAD20071
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Sonal Mithal
  • TA Priyanka Awatramani


City is a collective theater of social interaction. The city is made of blurryface nomads, who repeatedly perform in the city. This repetition pushes them into the binary of genders; either masculine or feminine and this phenomenon will not cease as the nomad will perform what they have to perform. Speculation: The mapping of occupancy of Kaiserbagh came as a result of studying the intent, access and resource in the city. City circus is an experiment in understanding if and when a new occupancy has to establish in Kaiserbagh, what are the other parameters which can influence the act of occupying the city. Can there be feminist and inclusive themes where the bias of gender is subverted by using furniture and volumes rather than a particular built form? Architecture is seen as a catalyst to commence commensalism. The follies develop in the circus and move out as replacements/extensions or inventions to existing plots and buildings. The follies die and the circus shifts once the nomad moves away.