• Code PHR21078
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Gauri Bharat,Catherine Desai
  • TA Karthik Nakkana-TA


The purpose of the studio was to write a project proposal which was carried out in two modules. The Module 1 required us to study and research about the construction practices in relationship with materiality of architectural work in the historical context of one specific building.  The outcome for the Module 1 was to present the study in  1:10 scale detailed sectional perspective drawings. Further, in module 2, the task was to write a research/exhibition proposal that came up from the process of Module 1.The project proposes to investigate the change in ornamentation of buildings in Lucknow in relation to brick sizes, which varies from the late 18th century rule of Nawabs to the late 19th century rule of the British government. The variation in brick sizes were influenced by the process of brick production in relation to the availability and affordability of materials and craftsmanship in the rule of different administrators. The project is carried out through the selection of five buildings in Lucknow that were built with different sizes of bricks. These buildings are analysed by site visits, available archival materials, producing 1:10 scaled detailed sectional perspective drawings to understand the fineness of ornamentation in relation with brick sizes with its arrangement and interviewing the local brick masons and brick makers. The project will undertake research about the possibilities and limitations of ornamentation achievable with the varying sizes of brick, reflecting the changing architectural styles in the buildings of Lucknow throughout the time period.