• Student V Vishnu
  • Code UG180643
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L3 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Shubhra Raje,Kevin Low
  • TA Nikhil Makhijani


Through Miguel Number 11, Bawa's Residence
The studio is an attempt to study, examine, critique and intervene in the project that I think that everything architecture can and should be; a hefty effort to look at the architecture without the bias of its instinctive attachment, solely for how efficient the vital relationships function as a response of relevance, disregarding the iconization that the project carries with its architect.
 “...After two hours on the site, I have a mental picture of what will be there and how the site will change and the picture does not change.” - Geoffrey Manning Bawa (October 1998) 
In the iconic plan where the picture does not change, the project attempts to inhabit and reinhabit Number 11, 33rd Lane through the lens of the vital relationships that have critically fallen short.