• Student Ramani mihir jagdishbhai
  • Code UAR20205
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Hamid Raj
  • TA Fateh Singh


The house is located in Jada Bhagat ni pol in Ahmedabad. It is owned by a family of six- parents, grandparents, and two daughters. The house is designed in a way so that it provides interaction between the family members as well as with the neighbors. Balconies and Otla make it easier for family members and community members to interact. Aangan and courtyard are the spaces of gathering which also acts as the heart of pol houses as it is a place of gathering, into which the whole house opens up. The courtyard being the heart of the house provides ventilation and natural light to the spaces which brings different experiences to each space. A tree in the aangan gives a sense of welcoming and it also keeps the house cool.