• Student Aesha Shah
  • Code UA7817
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L3 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Jagrut Patel,Dhaval Gajjar
  • TA Bhakti Shaparia


Need and priority of housing keeps on evolving with time. The spatial arrangement and size of a dwelling unit depends upon the size of family and need of a space. While the family expands and shrinks with time, there is very less possibility for one to adjust their house according to the needs in vertical housing. Also with rapid urbanization, lands prices are increasing exponentially, thus buying a new house becomes a far fetch possibility for everyone. Project tries to look at idea of flexibility and incrementality where one can expand or shrink their house over the years. Also looking at the possibility of multiple spatial arrangements with in a unit with minimal changes. There also is rise in vertical living, giving one less sense of ownership and individuality in a house. It becomes important for one to feel the ownership, thus giving them the liberty to adapt to the house and give it its own identity. 
Thus looking at the idea of ‘ Adaptable Living : A decentralized community.’ 
‘What if the design gives the freedom for each to articulate the house in present and adapt to it in future keeping in mind their economic constraints?’