• Code UAR21054
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Priyanshi Jain
  • TA Shashikant Bhambhani


The site is located in Lonavala, near a famous hiking and camping spot, with two waterbodies towards its east and west. While moving around one comes across a space looking like a tunnel, with two thick curved concrete walls, calling one inside. As one moves forward, one realizes it to be a dark and dingy space, with low heighted ceiling and the sound of water coming from the slits navigating through the space. A stark light coming from the end of the tunnel, and the space gradually becoming narrower and taller, finally entering into an open to sky space. A curved wall calling the user to hug her and a sheet of water falling besides, the slits on the wall made them to stop and stare. Entering another volume, a tree floating on water under a spotlight from the opening above. Walking on those narrow stepping stones, holding the rough textured wall to protect thyself from falling. A staircase leading downstairs to a floating platform, Standing there and the water falling from different levels, the smell of the wet soil because of the water, was filling the space. A ray of light coming from a corner was calling, and it lead to a balcony, framing a view of a tree. standing there and looking at a small opening, on a huge concrete wall and wandering what it is. Walking on those stepping stones , with the water running off beneath, a staircase leading to an open to sky space where one could appreaciate the silence. The sound of the pebbles while walking and the birds on the tree were filling the silence. While being in that space one could hear the sound of the water droplets, calling them to another space. A space where water is dripping from the ceiling and the room was filled with the shimmering light coming from the oculus above. Stepping out, falling water and the view of the gigantic valvan lake. A staircase leding downstairs to the water of the Valvan lake, Play to plinths to engage the users by water bodies besides and the trees around providing the shade. Again a staircase leading to a perfectly shaped steeping stones leading to that opening on the huge concrete wall. That opening leads to another dark narrow space with a staircase leading to the roof of the building. One could see from where it all started, the view of the lake from above and the plinths, the presence of the waterbody on the rooftop and finally another staircase leading the user downstairs.