• Code UAR21184
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Priyanshi Jain
  • TA Shashikant Bhambhani


 As Pallasma has quoted,“The body knows and remembers. Architectural meaning derives from archaic responses and reactions remembered by the body and the senses”, it is through the past memories and experiences that are evoked make the essence of the space. Architecture is largely related to psychology as it is through buildings that different emotions are stimulated in a person.Here the intent was appreciate the existence of light through architecture. There is a general human tendency that we become indifferent to the things that are prevelant and easily available, it is only when we are deprived of it we understand its presence or value. Hence I wanted to create a structure where i deprive the user from light with very curated and specific openings and so at the end of the journey the user understands the presence of light. It is through the play of textures and water along with framing certain views that the space created evokes multisenory experiences.