• Student Anoushka Dutta
  • Code UUR20022
  • Faculty Planning
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Maulik Chauhan,Dilip Panchal
  • TA Kruti v Shah


The project aims to transform the existing street into a dynamic, adaptive, and people-centric urban space that celebrates the cultural heritage and fosters economic vitality. Currently, the street is dominated by vehicles with pedestrians having to find their way around them, along with the unorganized vendors, creating congestion and traffic. Revitalizing the 350m stretch of Manek Chowk Street, located in a bustling urban area, the project focuses on enhancing the pedestrian experience, maintaining the existing dynamic nature, and creating a vibrant social hub. The primary focus is to enhance the usability and enhance the quality of life for residents by introducing green spaces and gathering spots, attracting visitors, and contributing to the overall urban fabric of the city.