• Student Kavisha Siddharth Gajjar
  • Code UIR20077
  • Faculty Design
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Dexter Pereira
  • TA Anusha Bishnoi


Azure, a casual dining space, with a Gastropub, is an adaptive reuse hospitality project located in Fountainhas within a heritage building. The space has a seating capacity of 165 people in a total built area of 620 sq mtr. The casual dining provides an elegant dining experience while the gastropub is a space that is more laid back and provides opportunities for socializing. The clientele will be tourists and residents willing to experiment with new things. Fountainhas being a World Heritage site, the major constraint was not altering the facades. With this as a background, a conscious decision was made to bring in the curiosity of the winding streets of Fountainhas as a conceptual idea. This is further enhanced by the play of slits in the vertical surfaces and the use of mirrors. Providing a cohesive experience in the interior spaces, the influence of the Greek Coastal Mediterranean style allows for highlighting the individuality of the spaces through a varied color palette and furniture styling.