• Student Viditi Jain
  • Code UIR20184
  • Faculty Design
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Vishal Joshi,Ramesh Patel
  • TA Richa Patel


Located in the Colonnade building in Ahmedabad, Chiaroscuro is a Printmaking Studio, which makes editions through three kinds of printmaking techniques, etching, lithography, and woodcut. The absence and presence of material (ink) creating impressions of positives and negatives gave the concept for the design. Hence the material (GI) is explored in such a way that it allows it to represent both the absence and presence of a surface. This inspired the language of the entire space including all the partitions and furniture elements. Moreover, the overall style of the studio is industrial to amplify the traditionality of printmaking. Portfolio