• Student Sanskriti Kesarwani
  • Code UUR21221
  • Faculty Planning
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Radhika Amin,Manan Singal
  • TA Helly Desai


In the old city of Ahmedabad where commercialisation is at its peak and the heritage is fading away, people are leaving their neighbourhood giving their houses for rent, which are moreover converted to commercial or storage places. The rich heritage which is the main essence of the old city is gone as there is so much chaos because of the commercial activity-loading and unloading. And the midst of the turmoil to create a learning space precisely an artist village will not only elevate the rich heritage around but also will help in the business around which will in turn help in elevating the economy while keeping the rich heritage alive and enhancing the experience of the people coming also the people who are already residing.