• Student Aadrita Borooah
  • Code UG180001
  • Faculty Planning
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Radhika Amin,Manan Singal
  • TA Helly Desai


The site is located in the Old city of Ahmedabad. The site Kalupur is crowded on Tankshal Road, a commercial street. The streets are crowded throughout the day with two-wheelers, autos and people. There is no ease of movement as vehicles are parked all along the shops edge which makes it difficult to make way from one place to another. There is also no shade throughout the whole stretch of the road. There is also no place to sit down or rest. This project aims to generate small pockets of spaces that can act as pause points/ punctures in that road, creating a balance between built and open spaces. This project was created by generating a script in Grasshopper by putting in the desired criteria. The script (known as pseudocode) generates various iterations from which we can select options based on the fitness criteria. The pockets could have various programs/ amenities (washroom, parking, seating space, etc.) currently absent on the site.