• Student Tejas Manoj Thariyan
  • Code UAR20148
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Vishal Joshi,Ramesh Patel
  • TA Nusratjahan Shaikh


Das Auto ( The Car in German) is an Exhibition and  a Regional Headquarters for the automobile giant Mercedes-Benz, located off the S.G Highway, Ahmedabad. The 6,400 sq.m project comprises of 2 permanent display areas and a temporary exhibition space along with its auxiliary functions and has been designed with the understanding of how do you display and express a dynamic entity such as the automobile in a static form. The idea of movement and the subsequent experiences that can be curated has been influential in designing the form, organisation and other design decisions. The office spaces which cater to the administrative section of the company has been designed keeping in mind its flexible requirements and in section has been developed such that spaces flow into a common central atrium that holds these spaces together. The structure has also been developed keeping in mind structural possibilities offered by steel, namely long spans, cantilevering capabilities, reduction in material and flexibility in construction.