• Student Omya Sharma
  • Code UG180424
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L3 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Sonal Sancheti,Zeus Pithawalla
  • TA Richa Surati


Every historical site has a story to tell which connects the past, present and future of the place. A world heritage site/city is a testimony and a witness to our connection to the past. The synergy of the world heritage city and a museum has the potential to actively involve local communities and build on their knowledge and skills to promote local cultural assets. The architecture museum for the world heritage city of Ahmedabad not only displays but also investigates the various architectural strings that weave the built environment of Ahmedabad today. "Ahmedabadi-ness" could be defined as the ability of Ahmedabad to retain its traditions and original culture while incorporating layers of various foreign traditions and cultural influences. This is evident architecturally in the old city of Ahmedabad which showcases examples of architectural influences from various regions on the traditional typology. The museum, thus, looks at the multicultural coexistence in ahmedabad through the lens of architecture.