• Student PRAGATI S
  • Code PID22245
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Kireet Patel,Hiloni Sutaria
  • TA Rutvik Faldu


Intervention for a luxury fashion brand PRADA for Fresco art which is a traditional Italian Renaissance mural painting technique at Fondazione Prada, Milan. This is an attempt to show contemporary approach of viewing frescos in a broken volume. The approach to the design was developed from the Quadratic Koch Fractal theory and the narrative which guides the movement throughout the space. The design also capitalizes certain tangible parameters such as site, neighborhood, program, brand, art, viewing angle and circulation within the site in creating an experience which relates to the culture and context. These led to certain design decisions which brings in a narrative storyline which is subjective to the user. Each space shows modularity, optimization and also breaks the monotony at certain points which creates curiosity by showing certain glimpses of placement of frescos and activities in the next space. The whole space totally gives an immersive experience of technology, awareness, history and contemporary ways to learn and view the Fresco art.